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When is the best time to renovate a property? How long can investments be postponed? For Basler & Hofmann we are providing the user experience design for Stratus, a portfolio management software tool for professional property management.

UX & UI Design by FOND Design for Stratus

The Stratus portfolio management software takes a straightforward and user-friendly approach that leads users through each step of the process, from condition assessment to investment and financial planning, culminating in professional reports for decision-makers. With the help of clear diagrams and reports, communication is facilitated between construction and financial professionals. The software's objective input provides all necessary information to make decision-making processes in portfolio management more efficient. Additionally, the software provides an intuitive overview of the portfolio, allowing users to gain a better understanding of the current state of their assets and the necessary steps required to achieve their goals.

UX & UI Design by FOND Design for Stratus
UX & UI Design by FOND Design for Stratus

In the Stratus portfolio management software, users can utilize a GIS map as an overview of their portfolio. The drill down feature allows users to progressively reveal more detailed information or options by clicking on a specific element within the map.

This process starts with a high-level view of the portfolio data or content and enables users to navigate complex information or workflows more efficiently and intuitively.

Graph animation by FOND Design for Stratus
Design system by FOND Design for Stratus

Design systematically

A design system is a collection of modular tools for user interface design that helps ensure quality and efficiency while enhancing user satisfaction. It provides a range of customizable components and templates that streamline the design process, resulting in consistent and cohesive interfaces that are easier to maintain and update. This is important because it enables teams to deliver better-designed products in less time and with fewer resources, improving overall user experience and satisfaction.

We love a competent dev team! Working hand in hand helps us to understand the technical constraints and opportunities, which informs our design decisions. This ensures, that our designs are feasible and can be implemented within the software.

When UX designers and developers work well together, it creates a positive, collaborative work environment where we all share our expertise and knowledge. And it always leads to a better end product.

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