UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design

Human Touch

We teamed up with Swiss start-up NematX to develop the human-machine interface (HMI) and the underlying system for the flagship industrial 3D printing platform, the NEX-01. Like the printing process itself, we worked layer by layer from concept to full-stack development. The integrated and iterative process insured a cohesive and consistent appearance across all touchpoints.

UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design
UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design
UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design

Integrated Design

After establishing the design language for our high-performance polymer 3D printer, we seamlessly extended it from the physical to the digital realm. Understanding the engineers' workflow was crucial in informing our UX/UI decisions and facilitating the translation of abstract concepts into testable experiences.

This practical approach resulted in efficient verification, uncovering opportunities and streamlining the process to save time and resources. Following our iterative process, we created a clean and user-friendly interface that reflects Swiss values. Additionally, the short feedback loop kept us agile and ensured a swift and applied partnership.

Our integrated approach, involving brand inception, futuristic product design, clean interface development, and full-stack implementation, has streamlined workflows and improved collaboration.

UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design

The difference between a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) lies in their purpose and use. A GUI helps users interact with software on devices such as computers and smartphones, while an HMI does the same for machinery and industrial equipment. While both aim to create a user-friendly experience and intuitive interaction between users and technology, their different contexts of use require different considerations in their design. HMIs, prevalent in industrial settings, focus on efficiency, reliability, and safety, whereas GUIs are more common in digital devices. This distinction is crucial for creating effective and intuitive interfaces.

Software Development

We've used state-of-the-art methods and best practices in both architecture and implementation of the software. This lead to increased efficiency and simplified maintenance creating a robust solution that allows users to produce high-precision parts.

UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design
UX & UI Design for NematX by FOND Design




Alex Robert


UX & UI Design


Industrial Design of a 3D Printer for NematX designed by FOND Design

Designing a startup's 3D printing platform

Designing for startups always poses a unique challenge, characterized by speed and a high degree of creative freedom. As an industrial design service provider, we took on the challenge of designing for NematX, a Swiss startup and spin-off of the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH. Our team successfully managed the entire design project, from the initial concept to the launch of the NEX-01 industrial 3D printing platform at FORMNEXT 2022 in Frankfurt, within a tight timeframe of less than 6 months.

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